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Expanding Our Services!

We are delighted to announce that we have additional premises.

We now have a new “Pop In Shop” at 7a Church Street, Southwell adjacent to the “Zebra Crossing” at the top of Church Street.

Kirkland & Lane has served Southwell and the East Midlands for over 140 years. Throughout this time we have been fortunate to have offices at the delightful North Muskham Prebend which will not change.

In addition we are attracting an increased number of enquiries from people who have not used the firm previously. They too are dropping in for an informal chat to get advice and or to book a more formal appointment at our main offices at North Muskham Prebend further down Church Street. With life today “time” is ever more precious, people who have been meaning to find time for ages to discuss drafting a will or looking into the preparation of a Power of Attorney have simply popped their head round the door to get some advice and start the process running. A number of people have popped in to ask for a set of property particulars from our property side too.

In expanding our services our primary desire was to enhance our current offering. Enhance it in such a way as to encourage more people to engage with us, formally or informally. We seek to make ourselves more readily available, more accessible and approachable to as wide a range of clients as possible. We are delighted to say that even in this short space of time that is exactly what has happened.

The service offered is still to the very highest professional standards but simply more available to those who need or think they might need our services. We look forward to welcoming them to our new office very soon.